Sovrin User Group - update


Hi all - a quick update for you on the Sovrin User Group.

Because we have a number of Foundation-wide activities going on in parallel at the moment, I have paused the SUG for the time being to avoid burn-out of the same group of people.

In particular I am thinking about the Sovrin Agent Working Group which is meeting fortnightly, the Trust Framework Working Group which is running hard to finalise the main trust framework for the Foundation, and the Technical Governance Board.

As the majority of activity that we’d discuss in the SUG is agent, go live and trust framework related, it doesn’t make sense to duplicate at the moment.



Andy, I don’t know about anyone else, but I agree that most of the activity is in one of those two WGs—and they are both super active right now. If anyone wants to participate in the Trust Framework Working Group, just drop me an email at first name drummond dot last name reed at company name evernym dot com.