Sovrin Usergroup news


Hey guys,

will there be new User Group meetings in the future (like this month/ next month)?



The User Group meetings have been on hold since the Working Group meetings started up. The Agent WG is meeting every other Thursday and now the Ledger WG is about to start up.

@AndyTobin and @seanbohan: what’s the plan on future User Group meetings?


Hi there - yes, we were exceeding the critical mass of working groups and user groups, so I put the specific Sovrin User Group sessions on hold to enable people to focus on the Agent and Trust Framework working groups (it was often the same people involved in the User Group as well so overload was happening).

With the Ledger WG starting up, I think we’ll still be covering most of the bases that the SUG would cover anyway, so my recommendation is to jump into one or both of the Agent & Ledger WGs as an excellent substitute.