I’m working privacy preserving e-petiton project that uses Sovrin for self soverign identity.
In my project I use Sovrin for self sovereign identity and anynmous credentails etc.
In my architecture, In signing an e-petition process as follows:

1)e-petition verifier requests required credentials for selected e-petition from e-petition user(credential holder)
2) then e-petition verifier validate proofs. If validation result is success, e-petition user’s signature(or vote) is counted.

My first problem is that how can i detect double signing from same an e-petition user.
Because an e-petition user can create another agent. Then receive required credentials from issuer. And then sign an e-petition twice or more.

Another problem is that how can i publish information (that is proofs) received from e-petition user in a way that only e-petition user her/hisself
figure out that his/her signature is counted correctly. Also how e-petition verifier publish these proofs without disclosing any information about e-petition user.

How can i solve these problems with Sovrin?
I’d be grateful if someone helped me.

I haven’t seen a detailed write-up of voting solutions for Sovrin.

This is a good one for HL Fabric. Many of the principles could be applied at Sovrin:

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