Steward Node Server Spec


Is there a minimum server spec for running a steward node and are there any stats available for CPU, disk I/O and memory usage on existing nodes?
I would also be interested to have access to historic data to understand a bit more how the requirements may change as the network grows.


Hi Michael,

I assume that you are talking about running a validator node on the live Sovrin network as a Steward. For test purposes, we run nodes all the time in small VMs.

For nodes on the Sovrin network, please refer to sections 5 and 7 of the Sovrin Trust Framework. At the current time, we do not use nearly all the disk storage space specified in this document, but believe that over time we will. Some stewards do not currently have a full 1 TB drive dedicated at this time, but they are encouraged to mount a drive that can be upgraded for the partition that contains the ledger.


Thanks for the prompt reply and the references, from the document I can see that at this point in time a minimum of 2 CPU cores, 8GB ram and 1-2TB of storage are required.
The documentation (3.7:node) also suggests that it is only Stewards can run nodes on the live Sovrin network (either Validator OR Observer nodes) is that correct?


You must be an approved Sovrin steward to run a validator, and I think for an observer as well. However, you do not have to have a validator or observer node in order to use the network. Running a node on the network is a service that organizations volunteer for. There may be advantages in reduced latency, but that is all.