Testing environment for Sovrin


Hello team,

I was wondering which is the most recommended setup for starting to experiment with the Sovrin Ledger myself? Is there a “sandbox” ledger I can connect to (with a home-made client) without having to run a node? …Or should I necessarily run a validator node? If this is so, is there a way to run a “private” Sovrin network so I don’t pollute the real ledger?.. I have still quite a few questions on this matter.

I want to start developing a test agent and client so I can record and query for test claims on the Sovrin Ledger. Which is the best route to take?



I’ve created a getting started guide to running a standalone Sovrin network (in the docs folder of the git repo).

Currently it stands up 4 validation (steward) nodes, and the connects the Agents detailed in the getting started guide - allowing you to follow through that guide.

I am hoping to get a custom agent bootstrapped and setup and will add that to the guide once I’ve figured that bit out.


Thanks Andy!

That was really helpful.


Hey, I was wondering if it’s normal to see so many “connection refused” messages on the nodes’ log.

Does that look good to you?


Nope - I had this when setting things up and I can think of two reasons why you may be getting this.

  1. You need at least 4 sovrin nodes running (it seems like that is the minimum to provide the initial consensus and voting for master and backup)

  2. You haven’t onboarded the Faber/Acme… agent correctly (e.g. Using the Sovrin client, set the attributes for the did and endpoint for those clients).

I’ve had a number of times when I thought I had everything setup properly (4 nodes, onboarded the agents, etc) BUT for some reason it just wouldn’t set it. Restarting the nodes and re-on boarding seems it’susually fix it!


Hey Andy,

Well I had 4 nodes running (only 3 terminal windows showing on the screenthough)… And why should it matter if agents are not onboarded? Shouldn’t validator nodes just be functionally complete without the agents?

Also, after I ran the test agent (faber) all 4 nodes went down. Pretty weird!

Alright, I’ll keep on restarting and trying.

Thanks alot.


Hello, still not being able to successfully run this test… Can anyone help me?


I see many connection refused messages on my nodes but this did not prevent things to run fine (at least I could run the Faber scenario on the sovrin client). At some point I had the nodes crashing when running the test but after resetting the sovrin environment as indicated on https://github.com/sovrin-foundation/sovrin/blob/master/docs/Sovrin_Running_Locally.md all went fine. Have you tried resetting the environment?


@fabienpe, what exactly do you mean by resetting the environment?

I’ve tried to run the test many times, and all nodes crash when the faber agent connects to network.


On the page I’ve indicated, there is a section called “Resetting the Sovrin environment.” When I applied that, I did not encounter the problem anymore.


Can you please paste the error that appears when the nodes crash?