Testing on the Sovrin Test Network (STN)


In addition to special purpose or dedicated pools of validators that are spun up for the needs of individual entities, there is a publicly accessible Sovrin Test Network. These validators are maintained by stewards and are distributed around the world in a similar fashion to the provisional live network. Anyone can get Trust Anchor credentials on the network to use for testing. Just enter the DID and Verkey that you have generated for your Trust Anchor in this URL, and they will be added to the STN ledger.



Out of curiosity, who is this URL being hosted by? An existing trust anchor on the Test Net, presumably, but who? Maybe there’s a Steward or a Trustee that this is attached to so we can understand where we fall in the chain of trust?


This is provided by Evernym, using their Steward credentials on the STN. We don’t mind making this type of facility publicly available on the test network, but would not do this for live!


Makes sense. Thanks for the clarification :grin:


how can I connect to the test network? I see the form with which I can be registered as trust anchor but how can I interact with the ledger?

Thank you kindly for your reply.
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Hi Alice. There is a file called a genesis transaction file that bootstraps an agent (or cli) to communicate with a network. For the STN it is at https://github.com/sovrin-foundation/sovrin/blob/stable/sovrin/pool_transactions_sandbox_genesis. Your code will need to read this file.
After reading the file (if I remember correctly it is in the create_pool call), your application will connect to a few of the nodes from the genesis file and download the complete current list of validators in the pool. It will communicate with the validators in this pool as necessary from then on, while your application is executing.




When I try to submit my DID and Verkey I get a 502 server error.


The STN was apparently not accepting transactions at that time. Try again now.



Success: Successfully wrote NYM identified by ************* to the ledger with role TRUST_ANCHOR


Hello, what is the next step after registering our trust-anchor DID ?