Universal Applicability of the Trust Framework


On yesterday’s Trust Framework WG call we discussed whether the Founding Steward agreement could be adapted to specific stewards in specific situations, e.g. could the “legal provisions” be different depending on the jurisdiction of the steward, as long as the “network rules” remain constant.

I wonder if similar considerations are also relevant for the Identity Owner agreement. Identity owners will come from a very diverse background, how can we assume they understand the agreement in a universal way? To give one example: What if the identity owner doesn’t understand English?


This is a good topic to discuss.

In my opinion the legal provisions are less important at a high level and should be addressed on a lower level and rather the network rules are more relevant to get right at this stage.

Similarly - the Identity owner agreement could be mostly technical - and things such as legalities and language could be addressed on a more local (or jurisdictional) basis.

I’m of the opinion that the great flexibility Sovrin Global gives to local adaptations, the greater chance those local adaptations have to survive and thrive.


This is a good thread, since with a global public utility like Sovrin there will always be tension between “global” and “local” just as their is in DNS.

I suspect the answer is going to be somewhat parallel to DNS, i.e., that the Sovrin Trust Framework is global in scope, but the trust framework and all the component agreements will need to be: a) translated to all the languages we need to support over time (dozens), and b) supplemented by other documents that explain how Sovrin infrastructure can be adapted to different localities and jurisdictions.

I will add this to the list of topics for the Trust Framework Working Group to discuss as we begin work on the next version of the trust framework intended for GA (General Availability).

As a reminder, anyone interested in joining the TFWG, we have a mailing list and bi-weekly calls (currently 8PM UTC every other Tuesday). Ping me in the #trust-framework channel of the Sovrin Slack or email me at first name drummond dot last name reed at sovrin.org.