Unlock Permission to Read & Share ID

I am hoping to use Sovrin with a wearable device. My goal is to enable use of a person’s DiD only after they verify their identity on a separate device.

Here is the data flow that I envision:

  1. Device records and sends data indicating biometric reading
  2. Data is transmitted to relational database and matched with template of biometric
  3. If there is a match then the individual gains access to Sovrin’s DiD (on the Sovrin Wallet), if not then no access is granted
  4. Once access is granted the person is enabled to authenticate to third-party services

Basically, what I want to do is grant access to the DiD only when the person is verified.

Is this permissioned access possible? If not, is there a possibility of sharing a key to unlock the digital identity which expires once the access granted?