Upcoming conferences Where Sovrin will be discussed


October 2016 will be a busy month for discussion of Sovrin at three industry conferences:

  1. The third Rebooting Web of Trust Workshop in San Francisco, October 19-21.

  2. The 23rd Internet Identity Workshop; Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA, Oct 25-27.

  3. The first meeting of the W3C Verifiable Claims Working Group; Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA, Oct 27-28.

Sovrin Foundation trustees and Sovrin open source code contributors will be attending all three events—we look forward to talking with you there.


And adding into that list is participation in FinTechStage startup & innovator conference in Cannes, France, on 29th & 30th November.


Also at Privacy Week Vienna at the end of this month (exact date to be confirmed):


Looks like there will be several sessions at Trustech in Cannes where we can discuss Sovrin. In addition to the “FinTech Stage”, there will also be a track called “Data Management & Privacy: The Next Big Thing”, where Kazue and I will be speaking.


Markus, that looks like a really good opportunity to discuss Sovrin—especially with the title of that talk!


I’ll be talking about Sovrin at the Trustech expo in France on Wed 30th Nov on the “who owns my data” panel.