What is a Sovrin Connector?


I’m guessing a Sovrin Connector is an interface running on the client app which is able to connect directly to a specific Agent endpoint… Am I right?

Now, are these connectors going to be provided by Sovrin (Evernym?) or do these have to be implemented by the different Agencies?


Yes, you’re correct. It’s a UI that allows a person to manage their Sovrin assets.

Anyone can develop a Sovrin Connector app, or a plugin which can be built into other apps. Evernym is working on one now.

We anticipate having reference versions of the connector that are available from Sovrin as well.


The only thing I see is https://github.com/sovrin-foundation/connector-app which looks pretty much like null.


Stay tuned. Multiple groups are contributing to a reference Sovrin edge agent now, which is the technical name for a “connector” app.