What is the format of the genesis pool file?


I want to do some test. I create a pool locally and want to connect it to my iOS app. I think I have to change some setting in pool genesis file. But I have no idea what exactly means each segment in this file? The client IP and port is where the node listens for the communication from sdk? And the node ip and port is for listening other nodes?


Yes, the client IP+port is where your iOS app should talk to a node, whereas the node IP+port is where other nodes should talk. This separation is a security measure (denial-of-service attacks might affect client IP+port, but should not be able to affect node IP+port where consensus happens).

It has been a long time since I looked at the format of genesis files, but I believe the format is JSON. I know that two ports and two IP addresses are listed for each node; I believe other parts of each entry include a node name/alias, and a node public key. There may also be the public key of the steward who sponsors a node, and a node status of some kind. You may want to ask further questions on #indy on chat.hyperledger.org.


@danielh Thanks for the reply.
Yes, I can get the same info as you. Just want to confirm that. Anyway I want to know its syntax.
I will ask this again in the rocket channel. And update later if I got the answer.


I can confirm it is json format