What transactions and messages are used in the sovrin framework


Hi there,

From reading the different documents (like The Technical Foundations of Sovrin and How Sovrin Works) and browsing though the code on github, I understand that the Sovrin network uses different kinds of messages that are send between clients, nodes and agents, and uses different kinds of transactions that are stored on the ledger(s).

However, there seems to be no document that details all these different kind of messages, and the data they contain.

Is there any place I can get more detail on this? For instance using the Alice, Faber, Thrift example, I’d like to know exactly what message is send from Alice to Faber, what Faber transactions Faber sends to the ledger, what Alice sends to Thrift and what Thrift requests from and sends to the ledger.



See this doc. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ELPxVjYwmjTc4BGb9VzabguZtocfsR74cLlSdTlO6-I/edit


I’ve had the same issue and eventually wrote a small script to filter out and reformat (including trying to give friendly names to NYM, keys, etc.) the relevant log entries so see exactly what’s passed around. It’s a modified version of the test_getting_started_guide.py which is available on this branch https://github.com/fabienpe/sovrin-client/commit/b632e7b3fb1cbddcbe34cd92933b6f67f888764b