What's a Verinym?


In this tutorial(Demo example) we will use two types of DIDs. The first one is a Verinym . A Verinym is associated with the Legal Identity of the Identity Owner . For example, all parties should be able to verify that some DID is used by a Government to publish schemas for some document type.


You may find it helpful to look up the definitions of the 3 different types of “nyms” in the Sovrin Glossary: Verinym, Anonym, and Pseudonym. See https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gfIz5TT0cNp2kxGMLFXr19x1uoZsruUe_0glHst2fZ8/edit#heading=h.jz57rgc06boz.

Basically, a verinym is a DID that the world knows you by, and can use to hold you legally accountable. Pseudonyms are not as easy to use for this purpose, and Anonyms cannot be used that way at all.