Will expo cli support Indy?

Hi All,

With Indy, Is that possible to use react-native expo cli to develop mobile application.

Will Expo support that? Or else Should I need to use only react-native cli

Please do needful

Hi, Ragesh. I’m not sure about a couple things in your question. When you say “cli” do you mean “client” or “CLI” (command-line-interface)?

What is Expo?

An Indy agent (what you may be calling a “cli” if you mean “client”) can be absolutely be built with React Native. The Sovrin Connector App does that. It should be possible to build with any other convenient mobile framework, too. However, whatever technology you use will require the ability to do some crypto. If you want to do that in pure javascript using something like TweetNaclJS, it may be possible, but most people have been making the crypto calls through a native interface.

Thanks for the reply. I am asking that, we can develop mobile apps in two ways in react-native.

Through react-native-cli or with Expo. Expo is more handy to work with react-native.

My question is, Will Expo support HyperLedger Indy combination with Sovrin.

Ragesh: I believe it is already possible to develop against Hyperledger Indy using Expo. That is not because any special features have been added on either side, but rather because the Indy SDK includes artifacts that Expo can consume (the Android APK and the cocoapod for libindy). I am not aware of plans to do anything further.

If you have a specific need/requirement, I encourage you to go log a ticket against Indy SDK (see jira.hyperledger.org, project “IS”).