XDI / Sovrin "Passenger Name Record" Demo


Hi all, I thought I’d share a demo of a use case involving personal data and a ticket for a train passenger. Using XDI link contracts, the ticket is issued and “shared” between the passenger and a number of train operators. Sovrin DIDs are used to identify the different parties of the link contracts (1 individual and 4 organizations).

Here’s the screencast:

And here are some diagrams and technical details:

This was prepared for last week’s Rebooting-the-Web-of-Trust Europe meetup in Paris, sponsored by ÆTERNAM, Blockstream, and others:


Hi Markus - great stuff - thanks for doing this.

@AndyQ you might find this interesting for your use case.



Hi Markus, great demo looks very interesting. Do you have a sandpit Sovrin network running behind your demo or have you stubbed out the calls to Sovrin?

We would like to do something similar here but for airline passengers. Rather than the ticketing process across multiple travel stakeholders, we have been looking at the sharing of personal passport data across stakeholders



I see there’s an NXT logo on the slides as part of the “blockchain”. Is there any role for the NXT platform in this use case? If so, what is it? How can these two technologies integrate, and which other use cases might be helped by this kind of integration?


@harveytate For this particular demo, I admit the XDI-Sovrin integration was not 100% “real”, but in a separate environment i have successfully set up Sovrin nodes and experimented with registering identifiers that can be used within the XDI protocol.

So with the exciting work on DIDs also progressing, it’s just a matter of putting the individual pieces together.

I’d also be interested in learning more about your scenario, if you’re willing to share. Have you started building something concrete?



@cbruguera The only reason why there’s a NXT logo is because ÆTERNAM (http://aeternam.eu/) has been considering it as one of their initial ledger technologies, but they are also highly interested in Sovrin. Personally I have not worked with it and don’t know much about it.